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10 February 2007 @ 06:49 am
Recipe: Decadent Low Point Peanut Butter  
Decadent Low Point Peanut Butter

From the kitchen of   ONE4DETAILS

  Estimated POINTS® Values Per Serving | 1
Servings | 12

Sauces | Community built RECIPE


2 Tbsp. peanut butter = 5 pts. 10 Tbsp. fat free cream cheese = 5 pts. 2 Tbsp. raw sugar(0 pts!)


Cream together all ingredients until well blended. Serve by the Tbsp.(Slightly less than 1 point!) Use this DECADENT spread in A "PBJ" Sandwich, as a topping for a dessert or spread on your favorite fruit or celery!! Enjoy!

Special Notes

Orowheat makes a "light" wheat bread that = 1 pt. for 2 slices. Or.... Entenman's makes a "light" loaf; yellow or chocolate cake that = 2 pts. per slice (8 slices per loaf) Go for it!



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