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Weight Watchers in the NJ/NYC area
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This community is for Weight Watchers members in the NJ/NYC area. I hope that it will be a place where we can meet others in our area who are willing to be supportive and friendly.

Basic rules of etiquette apply.

Be nice. Being mean will not be tolerated. Flames or insults will get you banned.

Be supportive. Everyone needs support and encouragement.

Be open and honest. Share yourself with the others and be an active member of the community. Your active participation is a blessing to each of us.

Be on topic. Basically, that means you can talk about anything related to your weight loss journey. It doesn't necessarily have to be related to Weight Watchers, though that is meant to be a common link between us.

This is a good place to start. If I feel I need to add any other guidelines later, I will. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or suggestions.